Saturday, 31 August 2013

Winter is Coming...

I know it wouldn't seem it, especially with this gorgeous weather we have but winter is coming which means PREPARATION. PREPARATION. PREPARATION!!!

The first on everyones to do list should be...


This is how far my checklist extends as I cant seem to find one anywhere. Every year it happens and I always settle for something below decent. So this year I am determined not to blow all my money on something I half like but something that will actually keep me warm AND not look like another of my mums dog walking coats...( i think the word she uses is... practical)....

So I've listed 6 different styles below whether its macs, boyfriends, peas, bikers - They are all great  bang on fashion point for the season...

I'm quite busy at the moment so will try to get as many outfit posts as I can in but in the meantime ill be doing some more winter- y hauls! Look out for it tomorrow!

1.                              2.


Saturday, 24 August 2013

Finished in Spain!

You may be wondering why the title is finished. If your thinking finishing my blog then I'm not don't worry - I am just finally finished with the Spanish outfit posts and I can get back to clothes adapted for the weather of the UK which as I write this is ultimately shit. Its raining, miserable and damp. A stereotypical English summer it seems..

So when doing this post I am so depressed!!! I remember taking these photos at 8 oclock in the evening actually dying of heat whereas now Im in trackies and a wooly cardi! FMLLLLLLLLL

In regard to this outfit, I've worn this skirt to death but I'm in love with everything about it including the colour the length and the pleats. You can make it edgy by adding some studs and a bandeau to create a girly rock look or you can make it sweet and feminine by adding sparkles and a short jacket. This look is quite simple in the way its relaxed and breezy yet still acts as a small statement with the large belt piecing the top and skirt together. 

Hope you Enjoy the photos!  

 photo 806c0009-dda6-40e0-bfce-5d18a908d08b_zps6f8e03e6.jpg  photo 51e50309-c93e-4cee-85a4-7695339d38a0_zpsa9237869.jpg

Friday, 23 August 2013

Beach at Night

Hey everyone!

So after finding out I'll be starting Uni in 3 weeks (soo soon) I have a LOT to do but that doesnt mean I will be neglecting my blog- so I can still keep in touch with everyone! This month is such a busy time for everyone as so many people are preparing for going to uni, setting off for a gap year and going back to school! However at the same time its so exciting!!!! I am petrified though of having to start all over again by making friends but I think 2 weeks of freshers will make  up for that....haha

IN RELATION TO FASHION. I wore this beaaaaaut maxi dress my mum bought for me from Topshop to a dinner on the beach. It was such a nice evening and really showed my tan off aswell. I love maxi dresses as they can be worn on their own and thats just so easy. Plus they are so much fun to accessorize. I wore mine with this 3 way headband to give it a glorified look and I loved it...God Bless Claires and all their nifty pieces! So I hope you enjoy the photos!!

 photo DSC_0453_zps54623ea0.jpg  photo DSC_0455_zps396d195d.jpg  photo DSC_0458_zpse82937df.jpg
 photo DSC_0460_zpseebcf608.jpgS

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Colourless Summer

Who says you cant wear black and white in summer? Everyone LOVED the monochrome Spring 13' trend so why cant it continue into Summer and rock the boat of steryotype-ism. I love this dress and saw it on Missguided and found myself at the checkout of Paypal in seconds. Its really fun and adds everything to the sports luxe trend thats also a real fashion statement right now.

I even teamed it up with a chain for a bit of 'bad gal riri' style and a snapback to finish the look. The shoes however could have been converses or vans but the weather in Spain (when I took these) was far too sweaty for that! Sorrryyyyy, your probably getting bored of them by now. My nan wont let me wear them as she thinks they are too 'foreign' looking...where Im not quite getting how she came to that conclusion haha.

Sorry the posts have been a little irregular. Ive just found out that....I GOT INTO UNI!! So as from September I will be a LEES FRESHER. Im so excited but Im freaking out as in I cant believe how nervous I am at the same time! I dont feel that I look or act old enough to be in Uni!! EEEEEEEEEE!!!

p.s. I'm loving all the support the blog is getting ! Keep it up to see more posts from yours truly!

 photo DSC_0424_zps6a6d6305.jpg  photo DSC_0422_zps5ddc6a10.jpg  photo DSC_0415_zps3e2fed39.jpg  photo DSC_0415_zps3e2fed39.jpg  photo DSC_0431_zps42dd9846.jpgI

I am also styling...

Flatform Sandals - Zara
Sports Luxe Dress - Missguided
Chunky Chain - H&M
Snapback - Boy London

 photo 2025954881070109040713_zpsb717c1fb.png

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

@ Love Sax


Right now as I write this I'm in mega depression from Marbella Blues. I just miss it so much!! Even when I'm writing these posts which makes me all overly excited to show you just small snippets -it saddens me (cue violins)! I just wish I could be back so much but hey ho L.I.F.E . G.O.E.S .O.N.

This is  a quick post I did before going for a cute dinner in Marbella old town.

I love wearing hats with outfits you wouldnt expect as its such a breath of fresh air and adds an ''edge''. Pluuuus, these wedges are my absolute babies! I try and wear them as much as I can so sorry if you can see a few marks emerging, though I have to admit they are not the comfiest - so a sitting down candlelit dinner in these was perrrrfect! I've even added a small photo of the real thing haha!

Enjoy the photos and see if you can spot my cornrose! (My friend always does it for me when I ask and so I thought I'd get some semi permanent by a professional on the beach and they looked siiiiiiick. It was like living my alias/ double life!)

 photo DSC_0512_zps17217a7f.jpg  photo DSC_0511_zps7dc5a73e.jpg  photo DSC_0514_zpsd369fd4d.jpg  photo DSC_0523_zps53235772.jpg  photo DSC_0535_zps2f303737.jpg

 photo DSC_0537_zps9de3c0e8.jpgh

Hope you guys like the outfit collaboration! Sorry I'm not wearing the hat at the dinner, my boyfriend depserately needed it to cover his over grown jedward huuuuuuuuur!

P.S. I KNOW dypdye/assymetric is so last A/W but I love this dress I feel like such a mermaid and its longer than usual at the back for clothes of its style. This is a really special dress and always a headturner. Plus the print on it is something else.

I'm styling...

Aztec Wedges - Asos
Assymetric Dress - Bershka
Watch - Toy Watch
Mesh Snapback - Boy London

 photo 2025954881070109040713_zpsb717c1fb.png

Monday, 12 August 2013


So, I'm back from my holiday!! I had such an amazing time it was the best week away I've ever had, I saw so many cool things and visited some awesome places. It was just the perfect mix of chilled and fun, not to mention so lovely to spend quality time with my boyfriend...x

In this post, I am wearing a dress by my new found favorite website 'Tinned Bananas'. If you have not been on there yet I suggest you do! The clothes are actually sick, I havent seen any website do something in their style quite like their clothes are. I started off by ordering one item which is a dress I immediately had to have for my holzzz to test out quality and whether it was true to size and all that jazz.. and the final result couldn't have been better. When the dress arrived I even got a personalized note! So sweet! This really showed me it was a small fun brand with a big idea and exciting concept with its branding/packaging/logo looking to move up and it definitely will PLUS all the clothes are born and bred in the UK!
'Tinned Bananas' ethos stands as - '' set yourself free and express your true personality ''. I think that is so beautiful and adapts to everyone via the world of fashion. Obviously, I could ramble on about everyone's style and personality creating  a nice melange together but that would take way too long and I really need to unpack.

So guys, really get on the website NOOOW, they are doing some really cheap sales and I'm finding it so hard as I already want everything!

This dress really caught my attention as I love mesh type tops and tees. I needed a stylish dress for the beach and it was perfect to throw over a bikini you want to show off without being too self concious. Another aspect I love is the deep V back, it adds a  bit of something something to the dress - and me having absolutely no boobs - loves a good backless dress ;). At first I thought the black one was most practical but then I gave second thoughts and I realized its Summer. Anyway, have a look at the photos and tell me what you think - I even added a personal one of me at Nikki Beach in Marbella to show you how it looked without a camera.

Thank you TINNED BANANAS! I LOVE you and your clothes!!!!!!

 photo DSC_0451_zpsd96af4a3.jpg  photo DSC_0437_zpsf6d0e1ff.jpg  photo DSC_0444_zps9764ffba.jpg  photo DSC_0448_zps3b9c1c08.jpg  

I am also styling,

No Shoes..aha
Purple Mesh Maxi Dress - Tinned Bananas <3
Black High Waisted Bikini Bottoms - MotelRocks
Black Bandeau Bikini Top - Topshop
Yellow&Green Retro Sunglasses  Nasty Gal
Black Floppy Felt Hat - Topshop

Hope you liked the outfit post and look forward to many more! Love the Support the blog is getting <3
 photo 2025954881070109040713_zpsb717c1fb.png